1968 - 2008 Camping Ridaura 40 years
Logo Camping Ridaura
Càmping Ridaura SLU
Ctra Girona - Platja d'Aro C-65 pk 6.5
17240 Llagostera - Girona.
Tel: +34 972 830265
When is the campsite open?
Check here.
Where it is the Girona green
Check here.
How mobil homes are?
Check here.
Barbecues, are them allowed?
Only gas ones.
What else do you rent?
- Mobil homes
- Bikes a 6,00 EUR/day.
- Gas Barbecues  6,00EUR/day
- Fridge 6,00 EUR/day
Dogs, are them allowed?
No, As exception only costu-
mers who had them in 2006.
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Benvingut a la web ofical del Cŗmping Ridaura
Bienvenido a la web oficial del camping Ridaura
Bienvenus a la web oficiel du Camping Ridaura
Wellcome to the oficial Camping Ridaura website
Welkom op de officiŽle website van Camping Ridaura
Willkommen auf der offiziellen Website Camping Ridaura